Statement of Unionized Legal Workers in Support of the Tenants’ Movement

April 30, 2020 As legal services workers and as members of the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, UAW 2325, the Legal Services Staff Association, NOLSW/UAW 2320, 1199SEIU, and the National Organization of Legal Services Workers, UAW 2320, we are witness to a historic crisis that is disproportionately affecting the most disadvantaged members of our society, […]

Eviction Moratorium HJ4A

Eviction Moratorium FAQ

April 7, 2020 EVICTION COURTS ARE CLOSED! NO LAWSUITS, NO EVICTIONS!  Haz clic aquí para Español  Para un PDF, aquí está en Español. PDF in English, click here.  кликните сюда для русского языка;  请单击此处获取简体中文的常见问题解答; דרוקט דא פאר אידיש; klike isit pou kreyòl Because the nature of the implementation is evolving, please keep checking back for updates. Last updated, 3/31/20 Created in partnership with our allies […]

LSSA & ALAA Call on DiFiore to Close the Courts

March 13, 2020 Today the Legal Services Staff Association, NOLSW/UAW 2325, and the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, UAW 2325, sent a joint letter to Chief Judge Janet DiFiore of the New York Court Unified Court System, calling on New York to close the courts to protect litigants, advocates, court staff, and the public during […]

Our Union’s 2020 Lobbying in Albany

March 6, 2020 Eight LSSA members attended the UAW New York lobbying conference in Albany this week. With over 100 other UAW members from across the state, together we met with virtually every senator and assembly member representing New York State. We spoke with our electeds on issues including: Passing Home Stability Support (HSS), a statewide rent supplement for PA-eligible families […]

Union Testifies at RTC Hearing

February 28, 2020 This week we testified at the New York City Council on behalf of Right to Counsel, along with Jared Trujillo, President of the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys – UAW 2325, the New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, and District Council 37, AFSCME. We stood with other providers, advocacy organizations, and […]

LSSA Support for DACA Recipients

January 31, 2020 Legal Services Staff Association Local 2320 welcomes and supports our union members who are DACA recipients. Our DACAmented members are threatened by the sitting Trump administration, and its deeply racist and xenophobic policies, as well as by the current Supreme Court, whose conservative majority share the same values as the administration. We condemn these […]

Watch Our 2019 Year in Review Video

December 20, 2019 We fought for justice for our clients and for our members; with union colleagues across the City, we formed a union taskforce on Right to Counsel; we spoke out for salary equity; we helped get progressive rent laws passed; we stood with striking workers at GM and elsewhere; we educated high school […]

Union & LSNYC Create Explicit Expectations for Supervisory Relationship

December 2019 As a part of our 2017 contract negotiations with Legal Services NYC, LSNYC agreed to a multi-faceted supervision training and support plan to comprehensively enrich supervision throughout the organization. One aspect of this plan was to create explicit expectations for both supervisors and staff of what each should expect from the other in […]

Our 2019 Holiday Party

December 7, 2019 Thank you to all of our members and families who joined us for our annual holiday party last night!

Our History

by present and past LSSA Presidents Sonja Shield, Jim Provost, and Gibb Surette Legal Services Workers Organize In 1972, Legal Services workers in New York City organized themselves as the Legal Services Staff Association. LSSA was determined from the very beginning to be a “wall to wall” union, with every union worker in every legal services […]

Report from our Delegate Training

November 1, 2019 This week our union delegates attended an all-day training to build skills representing our union members and supporting a strong and united union. We create the power to change our workplaces by building solidarity with each other, through commonalities and across difference.   Through a spider’s web exercise, we talked about how […]

Talking with NYC High School Students About Unions

October 31, 2019 This week we attended a career fair for New York City high school students to talk with students about the world of organized labor and unionized careers.  Union member Ana Morales-Robinson, a paralegal in our Central shop, spoke on a panel to 600+ high school students about what it has meant to her […]

Union Achieves Halt of Current LSNYC Evaluation Process

October 4, 2019 This week at our union’s Delegates Assembly, our delegates voted unanimously to demand that LSNYC’s senior leadership team immediately halt the organization’s current evaluation process. The delegate resolution reads: This resolution follows on the heels of LSNYC’s Performance Support Committee, a joint labor-management committee made up of staff and managers from all […]

Union Softball Team Wins League Championships

September 20, 2019 Congratulations to our union softball team, the Strikers, who have won their softball league championship, making this our third championship in five seasons. Thank you to our union captains who led the team and our union members who joined the roster and demonstrated that solidarity leads us to success! Our softball team members […]

In Solidarity with UAW’s Striking GM Workers

September 18, 2019 Legal Services Staff Association 2320 stands in solidarity with our nearly 50,000 United Auto Workers siblings who are on strike at General Motors. We are inspired by their courage as they continue to stand up to GM and fight for a fair contract. At a time when workers’ wages remain stagnant despite […]

LSSA 2320 Statement on ICE Raid in Morton, Mississippi

August 9, 2019 We vehemently denounce ICE and the Trump Administration’s assaults on immigrants and low-wage workers, most recently in Wednesday’s targeting and detention of 680 immigrant workers in Mississippi. These inhumane and cruel actions are calculated to strike fear, to drive people into the shadows, and to chill brave acts of worker organizing and […]

Settlement of LSNYC Off-Site Intake Arbitration

July 30, 2019 Our union and LSNYC management have long struggled over which staff can properly be assigned to do intake. Our union has always argued that intake is a specific job that takes specialized training and expertise, and which should be done by intake paralegals, intake officers, and hotline paralegals. LSNYC management, though, has […]

Sunshine and Solidarity: Our 2019 Union Picnic

July 28, 2019 The members of the Legal Services Staff Association, NOLSW/UAW 2320, gathered for a summer picnic at Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park on July 27, 2019, with food, games, and a make-your-own dip contest. Thank you to our party planners as well as to everyone who came and brought their families and made it a […]

Report-back from our national union conference in Las Vegas

June 21, 2019 This week 27 of our members, representing every one of our shops, traveled to Las Vegas for the conference of our parent union, the National Organization of Legal Services Workers. Members attended plenaries on topics including environmental justice to the connections between civil rights and health care for all. And members chose […]

Endorsement of Tiffany Caban for Queens DA

June 14, 2019 As a part of UAW Region 9A, we are proud to announce that the UAW has endorsed Tiffany Caban for Queens DA. Caban is a 31-year-old, queer Latina from a working-class family, who has worked as a public defender at the Legal Aid Society and now is poised to utterly transform and […]

LSSA/ALAA Joint Statement on Pay Parity with Corporation Counsel

June 14, 2019 Joint Statement from the Legal Services Staff Association, UAW 2320, and the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, UAW 2325, on City Budget Agreement for Compensation Parity Between Indigent Legal Services Staff and the City Law Department (NEW YORK, NY) – The Legal Services Staff Association, NOLSW/UAW Local 2320, and The Association of […]

Materials for our Delegates

April 30, 2019 Every one of our union delegates gets a subscription to Labor Notes and Steward Update, to support them in growing their skills to advocate for our union members and colleagues. Here’s this month’s batch that’ll be distributed at tomorrow’s monthly delegates meeting.