In Solidarity with UAW’s Striking GM Workers

September 18, 2019

Legal Services Staff Association 2320 stands in solidarity with our nearly 50,000 United Auto Workers siblings who are on strike at General Motors. We are inspired by their courage as they continue to stand up to GM and fight for a fair contract.

At a time when workers’ wages remain stagnant despite record-breaking productivity and profits, CEO’s like GM’s own Mary Barra make upwards of $20 million annually. In the face of such stark inequality, this strike sends a clear message. GM’s billions of dollars in profits come from the hard work of its employees, and our UAW siblings are demanding their fair share: better wages, better healthcare benefits, and better job security, in particular for newer and temporary workers.

To show our solidarity, LSSA 2320 members will wear red shirts on Friday, September 20.

We stand with you and wish you the best of luck as you continue your fight, because when we fight, we win.