Historical Press Coverage

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2003 MFY Strike

LIFE’S WORK; Paycheck Goes, and the Dominoes Fall

New York Times, November 23, 2003

Laying Down the Law: MFY Attorneys on Strike

City Limits, November 10, 2003


Bed-Stuy Dispute

Labor Dispute in an Odd Setting

New York Times, March 9, 1997

No Power of Attorney

City Limits, September 1, 1998


1993 LSNY Strike

Legal Services Lawyers End Three Week Strike

New York Times, December 26, 1993

NYC Civil Lawyers End Strike

Rockland Journal-News, December 26, 1993


1991 LSNY Strike

Union Wins Huge Wage Hike for Legal Services Workers

New York Amsterdam News, July 27, 1991

Lawyers Win 18% Raise in Legal Services Pact

New York Law Journal, July 22, 1991

Lawyers Who Deserved More Money

New York Times, July 20, 1991

Legal Service Workers Settle 15-Week Strike in New York

New York Times, July 20, 1991

Lawyer Strike Settled

Newsday, July 20, 1991

Striking Lawyers Eye Contract

Daily News, July 20, 1991

Time for a Day of Reckoning?

Daily News, July 19, 1991

Legal Services Sit-In at Cleary Ends in Arrests

New York Law Journal, July 18, 1991

Storefront Legal Clinic Seized by Strikers

Daily News, July 18, 1991

Striking Lawyers Take Over Building

Newsday, July 18, 1991

Little Defense for Poor Tenants As Legal Services Strike Persists

New York Times, July 15, 1991

Legal Services Workers Lobby for Homeless

New York Amsterdam News, July 13, 1991

Fill-Ins Eyed for Strikers

Daily News, July 11, 1991

Legal Services Lawyers Strike Puts Cases into Limbo

New York Times, April 21, 1991

Legal Services Attorneys Seek Better Pay, Benefits

New York Amsterdam News, April 13, 1991

Legal Services Lawyers Strike for Pay Raise

New York Law Journal, April 2, 1991

Local Jewish Poor Affected by Strike

Jewish Week, April 2, 1991

Legal Services Attorneys Threaten to Strike

New York Observer, April 1, 1991

Judge Commends Law Students For Giving Their Time to the Poor

Rockland Journal-News, February 24, 1991

Judge Acknowledges Student, Lawyer Protests

Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, February 23, 1991


LSC Funding

Law Gets No Respect at Legal Services

New York Times, February 24, 1990

Legal Services Corp. Chief Resigns

Philadelphia Inquirer, January 9, 1985


1979-80 Strike

Lawyers End Strike

New York Amsterdam News, February 2, 1980

Legal Help Union Ends Long Strike

New York Times, January 30, 1980

Legal Services Strike Now in its 6th Week; Big Issues Unresolved

New York Times, December 20, 1979

Union Talks Could Restore Aid to Poor

New York Amsterdam News, December 8, 1979

Bargaining Talks Set for Monday In Strike by Legal Services Staff

New York Times, November 24, 1979

Legal Staff on Strike

New York Times, November 15, 1979

MFY Faces Cutbacks

The Westsider, January 3, 1979


Formation of National Union

Lawyers Use Unions to Get Day in Court

Washington Post, September 17, 1978

Trend to Unionization is Growing Among Nation’s Lawyers

Washington Post, September 5, 1978

Legal Aid Lawyers and Aides Hold a Meeting in Detroit to Organize a National Union

New York Times, June 11, 1978


1977 Strike

Legal Unit Ends Strike

New York Times, November 8, 1977

Legal Help Units Struck

New York Times, November 2, 1977

Legal Helpers on Strike

Newsday, November 2, 1977

Legal Services Staff to Strike

New York Times, November 1, 1977

Legal-Assistance Agency Picketed By Staff as It Observes 10th Year

New York Times, October 14, 1977


Early Actions

Beame Dismisses Officials, LSSA Objects to Staffing Cuts

New York Times, January 25, 1975

Anti-Poverty Lawyers Plan Job Action

New York Times, April 15, 1974