LSSA Support for DACA Recipients

January 31, 2020

Legal Services Staff Association Local 2320 welcomes and supports our union members who are DACA recipients. Our DACAmented members are threatened by the sitting Trump administration, and its deeply racist and xenophobic policies, as well as by the current Supreme Court, whose conservative majority share the same values as the administration. We condemn these attacks in the strongest terms.

We call on our employers to resist the administration’s policy in every way possible to safeguard DACA recipients’ jobs and their lives here in the United States, to assist recipients with their reapplication for DACA, to provide pro bono legal services, and to ensure a safety net in the event the Supreme Court permits the Trump Administration to end DACA.

As a union, we will stand with our DACA recipient members and provide resources and support. Our union will pay the DACA re-application fee for any DACAmented member who requests it, and will stand with our DACAmented members to provide support and together resist this unconscionable policy.