These Workers Will Amaze You

nonprofit workers

Legal Services NYC pushed over 200 of our union members

out on strike in the summer of 2013.

LSNYC pled poverty.

We agreed to come back to work without cost of living increases.


Management was all, score!

Turns out they had almost 6 million extra sitting in the bank, unspent.

LSNYC “found” the money in the fall.

What’d they do?

Gave all their managers raises!

But $1.2 million of their surplus?

They’ve got to give back to the federal government.


The union is all:


How do you lose $1.2 million dollars?!


You’d think they might fess up.

But nah, they’re still all: trust us.

Do you think we should?

Yeah. We don’t think so either.

Not when working at LSNYC feels like this:

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