We Still Remember

May 15, 2016

Three years ago, LSNYC management chose to terminate, without notice, the health insurance of our LSNYC members who were on strike.

Our members received a shocking surprise when we went to our pharmacies and doctors’ offices only to learn that we could not get our prescriptions, physicals, and even chemotherapy because our health insurance had been cut off.

Luckily, the UAW immediately enrolled us in their health insurance program, resulting in only a short gap in coverage. For some, however, the interruption in health care was catastrophic. None of us will ever forget LSNYC’s decision to terminate our health insurance without individualized prior notice, an outrageous failure for the organization that is responsible for the due process decision Goldberg v. Kelly.

Click below to watch two of our members tell the LSNYC Board how losing their health insurance affected their families.