Mobilizing Labor to Help Puerto Rico

May 14, 2016

Puerto Rico’s situation is dire. The UAW represents thousand of workers and retirees on the island who are suffering at the hands of hedge funds and other financial speculators who are exploiting the evere economic crisis. Retirees face the loss of their modest pension and the island as a whole is suffering under ever deteriorating public services.

The UAW has been working with other labor, community, and progressive organizations, recognizing that mobilizing the power of workers and the grassroots is necessary to fight back against the financial interests calling the shots now and for too long in Puerto Rico. We know that the issues facing Puerto Rico will not be resolved only in the halls of government but require participation from all those who care about Puerto Rico. Together with this network, the UAW today held an educational event on Saturday, May 14th, 9am, at 32BJ SEIU located at 25 West 18th Street in Manhattan.