Members Vote to Bolster Strike Hardship Fund By Raising Dues

May 13, 2016

Following an extensive assessment of our union’s finances, we identified that although our finances are healthy and have been handled prudently, we have not been able to save additional money in the last two years, since the national UAW began taking a larger share of our dues. We brought this issue to you, the members, through shop visits and discussions at our Delegates Assembly, and ultimately voted in an all-member meeting to raise dues from 1.75% of salary to 2% of salary.

On Wednesday, May 11th, LSSA members voted to increase dues from 1.75% of salary to 2% of salary. This change, which will help make up for the larger amount of dues that we are required to pass on to the UAW, will take effect on July 1, 2016. Our collective sacrifice of some pay now will have a huge effect later, as it dramatically increases our ability to fight for and protect members.

Having a strong strike hardship fund means that we can negotiate hard to get excellent contracts for you, our members, because a robust strike fund enables us to take care of ourselves and our families if we are forced to go out on strike. If we know we can’t take care of our needs while on strike, it’s more likely we’ll settle for much worse raises and contract offers — and management will make worse offers, knowing that we’ll be likely to take them.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the decision to raise our dues and change our dues structure. Kudos to our union members for making this important financial sacrifice that will build our strike fund and strengthen us in future contract negotiations.