Gaining a Voice in Upper Management Evaluations

May 13, 2016

Many of our members have thoughts about the job their Project Director is doing. But that does not mean that anyone from the LSNYC Board of Directors ever asked them for their feedback.

Up until this point, staff feedback about Project Director performance has been solicited inconsistently from office to office. Often, the Project Director would give their board of directors a suggested list of staff to reach out to. This left out many staff who had comments but whose names were not given to the board.

The LSNYC Labor-Management Committee has drafted a set of recommendations for the LSNYC Boards (several of the borough programs have their own boards). Click here to read the recommendations.

The major recommendation is that the boards provide an opportunity for staff members to opt-in to volunteer to give feedback about their project director or upper management (Executive Director, Deputy Director, and Chief Operating Officer).

The Boards are starting the evaluation process soon; we hope the Boards will take our recommendations seriously and incorporate ways for all staff to evaluate their upper management.