Statement on the Supreme Court’s DACA Decision

June 18, 2020

Legal Services Staff Association Local 2320 is relieved that the Supreme Court has repudiated the Trump administration’s racist and xenophobic ideology by ruling that ending the DACA program is unlawful, and that Trump’s actions in trying to end it were arbitrary and capricious.

The decision affects 650,000 Americans who have called the US home since childhood. While this ruling provides relief for now, a more permanent solution is needed. The US Senate must move quickly to pass the American Dream and Promise Act, which will prohibit the deportation of DACA recipients and provide a path towards citizenship.

We believe the free movement of people is a vital part of liberation from oppression. We will continue to uphold this ideal for all people, as we fight for our members who are DACA recipients. We will continue to push our employers to assist recipients with their reapplication for DACA by paying fees and providing pro bono legal services. As a union, we will stand with our DACA recipient members and provide resources and support.