Member Orientation

Below are a copy of the orientation materials given to new LSSA members. Other UAW units are invited to copy and adapt these materials for their own use. 

New member pamphlet - LSNYC

New member pamphlet - MFY

Many may also find the following useful:

Weingarten Rights
Delegate Directory
Union Governance/Structure
Meeting Rules
Affidavit or Affirmation of Childcare Expenses*
Whose History? Our History!
This Union Cause – Part I*
This Union Cause – Part II*
Solidarity Forever
Solidarity Magazine*
The Basics*
UAW Dues
Dues and Fees in Our “Agency Shop”
Region 9A Education Fund
Strike Benefits
UAW National CAP
What Is VCAP
Check-off Dues*
Check-off V-CAP*
LSSA Bylaws*

* Available only in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.