Strike Benefits

LSSA members are covered by two different strike funds. This obviously enhances our ability to sustain a strike in necessary — and win!

UAW Benefits

To be a member in good standing, with immediate coverage for UAW strike benefits, you must submit to the Union your check-off forms directing LSNY to deduct dues from their pay. To receive UAW strike benefits during a particular strike, you must have submitted the form before the strike began. From the beginning of the strike, the UAW then provides $200/week to each member in good standing, until Unemployment Insurance Benefits become available to the strikers in the 8th week of the strike. Each member must perform strike duty, such as picketing, etc. for 20 hours a week to qualify for benefits.

LSSA Strike Fund

LSSA also has its own hardship fund, financed from a portion of the membership dues. The hardship fund is maintained by LSSA and can only be used during a strike. The fund is designed to provide interest-free loans and, in some cases, grants to memberships who would otherwise face a major financial crisis during the strike. Expenses that have been approved in the past include rent and utility bills. In the event of a strike, the union creates a hardship committee to put out an application form and determine criteria. The committee then reviews applications and makes recommendations. These are approved or rejected by the Executive Committee, which has general spending authority. Where significant policy concerns are implicated, the Executive Committee will consult the Delegate Assembly — without supplying identifying information, if that is feasible.