New Member and Education Committees Revived

April 15, 2016

There are lots of opportunities to get involved with the union and help shape our direction. Here are two ways:

New Member Committee: We are looking to get our new member committee revitalized. If you’ve a relatively new staff member and you’d like to participate — or take a leadership role! — please email union president Sonja Shield.

Membership Education Committee: A member has proposed to revive our membership education committee. This committee initiates and supports member education, including union leadership training, collective bargaining agreement (CBA) provision enforcement training, skills improvement, self-improvement, adult education, and labor movement and LSSA goals and history. This committee is open to anyone who wants to serve. Anyone who is interested should contact Lino Medina Mendez. Once the committee is formed, the committee members will elect a committee chair and start working to strengthen our member education efforts!