The union of the employees of legal services NYC & MFY

LSNYC Members Ratify 2021-2024 Union Contract

October 8, 2021 Our LSNYC members have ratified a new three year contract. With 90% of our LSNYC members participating, the contract was ratified by 80% voting yes. This 2021-2024 contract brings significant advances in salary scale equity for our lowest paid members as well as improvements in work from home, health care, reimbursements, layoff […]

Union Obtains Expanded Family Protections Through Arbitration

October 4, 2021 The Legal Services Staff Association has obtained a favorable order through arbitration regarding in-person court work for members and their household members who can’t be vaccinated or who have high-risk medical conditions. This order provides enhanced protections for those staff who are not able to do in-person court work due to their […]

LSNYC Contract Package

September 30, 2021 On Friday October 8th, the LSNYC membership of LSSA will be voting on the below package of potential contract changes. Package of Potential Contract Changes Spreadsheet of Current Salaries Compared to Year 1, 2, and 3 Salaries Under Potential New Contract

LSNYC Member One-Day Strike

September 22, 2021 With LSNYC management’s best and final offer nearly due and a number of key demands still unresolved, members of LSSA 2320, the unionized staff of Legal Services NYC, turned up the pressure the best way they know how to: by withholding their labor. LSSA rank & file staged a one-day strike on […]