The union of the employees of legal services NYC & MFY

12/13/23 Updated Membership Meeting Announcement

Greetings. As you may recall, on Thursday, November 23, 2023 at 7:29pm a resolution was proposed. Here is the link to the resolution: Change regarding voting as per the requirements for voting: Our bylaws require voting to take “at the meeting” even when it is a virtual meeting. Article Section 5(F): Notwithstanding the requirement of […]

LSNYC Members Ratify 2021-2024 Union Contract

October 8, 2021 Our LSNYC members have ratified a new three year contract. With 90% of our LSNYC members participating, the contract was ratified by 80% voting yes. This 2021-2024 contract brings significant advances in salary scale equity for our lowest paid members as well as improvements in work from home, health care, reimbursements, layoff […]

Union Obtains Expanded Family Protections Through Arbitration

October 4, 2021 The Legal Services Staff Association has obtained a favorable order through arbitration regarding in-person court work for members and their household members who can’t be vaccinated or who have high-risk medical conditions. This order provides enhanced protections for those staff who are not able to do in-person court work due to their […]