12/13/23 Updated Membership Meeting Announcement


As you may recall, on Thursday, November 23, 2023 at 7:29pm a resolution was proposed. Here is the link to the resolution:

Change regarding voting as per the requirements for voting:

Our bylaws require voting to take “at the meeting” even when it is a virtual meeting. Article Section 5(F):

Notwithstanding the requirement of Art. IV(5)(D) requiring meetings and voting to be in person, in the event of a public health emergency or other good cause that impedes inperson meeting, the Delegates Assembly may vote to hold a citywide membership meeting remotely instead of in person. Votes at said membership meeting shall be cast by secret ballot remotely or electronically and the quorum in such cases shall be increased to 10% of the membership. Results of electronic votes and electronic surveys will be counted by neutral members chosen by the EC and all results and comments will be shared with all delegates and, if any at the time, with bargaining committee members. Members will be given time to propose amendments to such electronic votes unless the DA in authorizing the electronic vote.

Apologies for overlooking this aspect of the bylaws, but after further consultation, it has been concluded that we cannot open voting before or after the meeting. Thus, all voting will take place during the meeting.

At some point, we may want to amend the bylaws so people who cannot attend membership meetings still have an opportunity to vote.

As a reminder, per the LSSA  bylaws, specifically Article 5(C) a membership meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 13, 2023 at 6pm via Zoom.  Please register and upon registration you will receive a link to the meeting.

If you have not already, please register in advance for this meeting at:


Additionally, for your convenience, I have included the referenced section of the bylaws:

At all other times, members shall meet upon the call of the President, a majority vote of the Delegates Assembly or Executive Committee, or petition of at least 25 members presented to the President. The meetings shall be held at a time and place set by the President within 15 business days of the vote or presentation of the petition to call it. Notice of said meetings shall be emailed to each member of the Delegates Assembly within two business days of the vote or presentation of the petition, who shall within one business day forward or otherwise disseminate to each shop member, including posting on a shop’s union bulletin board if so provided and by notice on the LSSA website.

Thank you.