LSSA Bylaws Amended to Build Strike Hardship Fund

June 9, 2016

The delegates have voted to amend our governing bylaws to change how our dues are allocated. The crucial change is to remove the $300,000 cap on our strike hardship fund. This will allow our strike fund to continue growing along with our membership. We will also front-load some of this growth by transferring $150,000 from our operating budget into our strike hardship fund.

Until we reach a target minimum, we’ll deposit 55% of our dues money into the strike fund, and 45% into our operating budget. Our target minimum has been set at $800,000. This number will be reviewed¬†regularly by the DA and adjusted as necessary to respond to our membership size and projections of hardship requirements.

Having a strong strike hardship fund means that we can negotiate hard to get excellent contracts for members, because a robust strike fund enables us to take care of ourselves and our families if we are forced to go out on strike. If we know we can’t take care of our needs while on strike, we’ll settle for much worse raises and contract offers — and management will make worse offers, knowing that we’ll be likely to take them.

Thank you to all of our members who participated in the decision to raise our dues and change our dues structure. In sacrificing some pay in our pockets, we’re ensuring the strength of our union going forward.