An Evening of Radical History, Political Education, and Anti-Fascist Songs

September 8, 2017

An Evening of Radical History, Political Education, and Participatory Anti-Fascist Songs
Sept 25th at 6pm, food and drink provided
LSSA Office, 256 W. 38th St, 12th floor

As the forces of right wing reaction gain confidence and seek to take back power in our nation, it is worth remembering that we as a country have been here before. Presented by ethnomusicologist and labor historian Ben Bath, this workshop will delve into the storied era of the 1930s when radical unions went to bat against the rise of both domestic and international fascism and won with a combination of both interracial and international solidarity.

The workshop will seek to describe the deep historical and contemporary connection between fascism, racism, and workers’ oppression, and how the fight back, both historically and in our time, is linked. Songs of the period will also be taught.

Unions have always been in the vanguard of the fight against racism and fascism and, in our time, must be so again. Come on out and learn how we as workers can make good the old labor slogan: An Injury to One is an Injury to All!